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Elder Law Orinda

Elder Law Orinda

Mendes Weed, LLP is a world-class attorney firm specializing in elder law in Orinda with dedicated, experienced, and seasoned lawyers. The top reasons to hire us for elder planning services include:

  • Seniors May Need Help With Medicaid Or Medicare

Legal professionals help older adults get the coverage they deserve from state and federal government-sponsored programs. If you are an older adult with disabilities, an attorney can protect your interests, help you through the planning, and secure the benefits you need to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

  • You Need To Make Estate Planning Decisions

Elder law attorneys ensure a wide range of estate planning services. They help seniors create living wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc. If you are yet to make a will, working with an attorney may save you time, money, and unnecessary stress. Attorneys specializing in the legal needs of elderly people help you update and maintain your plan in the long term and ensure that it reflects your wishes accurately.

  • It’s Time To Make Long-Term Care Decisions

As you age, it can become more and more important to make critical decisions. You need to determine what action you would like to take if specific health complications arise, who will be your legally appointed power of attorney, your health care directives, etc. Working with one of the experienced attorneys for senior citizens can sit with you and address these complex concerns for you. They can provide insight and offer legal support to ensure your wishes get fulfilled after your death.

  • Spend Down Rules Are Complex 

An elder law attorney can preserve your estate in advance and during critical times when you need long-term care. While Medicaid has a five-year look back for gifts and transfers, probate and estate planning lawyers can help you explore some last-minute planning opportunities.

  • A Last Will & Testament Is Not Sufficient

While a will is crucial, you also need a well-organized Power of Attorney. Without a POA, your family members and an attorney may face some limitations in planning opportunities should you get incapacitated.

  • Assistance With Complex Matters

If you own a small business or several rental properties, an attorney can help you plan your senior life efficiently. Besides, elder law attorneys can help you plan your finances efficiently and prevent you from making costly mistakes if you have a disabled spouse, beneficiary, or are the primary caregiver for your grandkids.

  • Not Just Crisis Planning

An elder law attorney usually helps seniors plan for long-term care. They can present various options, help you analyze them, and put your wishes into force. An elder law attorney helps create a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust, helping you to protect portions of your estate and pass them on to your heirs.

Contact 925-390-3222 for help with health care and health management planning and elder law in Orinda. Mendes Weed, LLP offers the best legal representation for seniors and older adults and helps them protect their hard-earned assets. Our elder law attorney is an expert at providing legal support to seniors and their family members with valuable information and resources. Get in touch with us today.

Elder Law Orinda
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Elder Law Orinda
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