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Microfiche conversion

If you have microfiche records in your office, you probably want to digitize them to ensure their longevity. However, the biggest drawback of digitizing microfiche files is finding a digital conversion provider. Microfiche files are less popular compared to microfilm. As a result, many people find it challenging to find a provider that converts microfiche to digital files. Here are the most common questions about microfiche conversion.

How do you make microfiche?

A microfiche is a flat, translucent sheet used to store records. It is slightly larger than an average index card. Microfiche features a polyester base with multiple images on each sheet. There are two main categories of microfiche: COM and jacket microfiche.

How many microfiche are in an inch?

Since microfiche is in sheet form, it is not easy to tell the number of sheets in microfilm rolls. However, it is essential to know the number of sheets in microfilm because it determines the scope of your data conversion. There are various ways of estimating the number of sheets on microfilm.

Instead of counting the sheets manually, there are better ways of estimating the number of sheets on microfilm. First, measure the length of your microfiche stacked together using a ruler or measuring tape. Note the number of sheets in one inch and then measure the length of the total collection in inches. Multiply the length of the total collection by the number of fiche per inch. This will give you an estimate of the number of sheets you have on your microfiche.

Can microfiche be scanned?

Ensure your microfiche records' longevity and quality through microfiche scanning. There are several microfiche digitization options available on the market. Use a microfiche reader or scanner to digitize your records. Today's microfiche scanners are less bulky, user-friendly, and come with a whole host of useful features. These scanners allow you to view, print, and scan your microfiche files. A considerable drawback of digital scanners is that they are only suitable for scanning small microfiche batches. You may need to look for alternative options if you have an extensive microfiche collection.

Other options include reviewing your microfiche records to determine what you can scan and the files you can use on-demand. The best option for microfiche conversion is to partner with a digital conversion company. Whichever option you choose, microfiche scanning comes with a whole host of benefits; it allows you to be less reliant on hardware for record-keeping, reduces storage space requirements, and provides easy and convenient access to your records.

How much does it cost to digitize microfilm?

If you are looking for ways of converting microfiche to digital records, you are most likely curious about the cost of microfiche scanning. Microfiche scanning costs vary depending on the type of microfiche you have and the service provider. Other factors that affect microfiche conversion cost include the number of sheets you have, project timeline, desired resolution, and indexing requirements.

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Microfiche conversion
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