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When a flood strikes your homeowners insurance won’t protect your assets. If your house is susceptible to flooding you need options for complete home security.

Imagine coming home from a weekend trip and finding that a heavy rain has left your home flooded. The water has completely layered the downstairs, and now everything from the carpet to the furniture is going to need to be replaced. Many individuals think that their homeowners insurance would cover the cost, but this is not the case, and without the proper protection from a flood you could be dealing with tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

The majority of flood insurance is provided through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which is overseen by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). We work with companies that are affiliated with the NFIP and who are able to directly apply flood coverage to your home through the federal government. Even an inch of water in your home could mean large repairs and costly renovations, so don’t get stuck with the bill in the case of a flood, and see what HCF can do for you today.

Depending on where you live and what your property entails, there are two different programs that work to suit your needs as a homeowner.

Preferred Flood Risk Insurance will protect your home and assets if you experience a small flood or a larger flood that has spread into your low or moderate risk area. Many flood insurance claims occur in low-to-moderate risk areas, and if your property is in one of these zones, you may qualify for a low-cost preferred risk policy. While you aren't mandated to purchase flood insurance in low-to-moderate risk areas, the benefits of having a preferred flood policy could be a life saver when the time comes.

Standard Flood Insurance is available to those living in an area that incorporates the NFIP. As previously mentioned, the NFIP is a program initiated by the federal government to minimize future flood damage by providing floodplain management ordinances. Individuals within communities that participate in this program still need to look into building and contents coverage, and should be aware that to be considered a flood by the federal government water must cover 2 acres or effect more than 1 home.

Get the flood coverage that you need, and call the professionals at HCF insurance to get a comprehensive policy that is right for you.


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