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Any time you buy a home, sign a lease or make a rental payment you are securing your future, so don’t let it go unprotected. Get a homeowners or rental insurance quote by contacting the experts at HCF.

When you are buying your first home you are taking a major step towards future security, and an unfortunate event involving your property shouldn’t leave you unable to live the life you want. There are great ways to ensure that each year you are protecting your home and family with a homeowner’s insurance plan that’s perfect for you, and with the help of HCF Insurance you will be fully aware of all of the benefits of creating a personal property coverage plan.

Any type of property that you reside in encompasses a large portion of your life, whether it be an house, condo or apartment, and there are many costs that can be associated with such a large investment. When discussing your options for property insurance, your HCF agent will go over all of your options for coverage to make sure you are receiving exactly what you need.

Some of the major components to a comprehensive home or rental insurance policy are:

  • Personal property protection--reimbursement for your personal items after a theft, fire or another similar event.
  • Dwelling/structural protection--pays for damages to your home after a fire, natural disaster or structural failure.
  • Additional living expenses--helps with the cost of living while your house is non-inhabitable.
  • Personal liability protection--covers you when injury or property damage result from a covered incident.
  • Guest medical protection--covers medical expenses as a result of accidents to guests on your property.
  • Identity theft protection--helps you pay for and restore your identity after any identity theft.


For individuals who are renting a property as opposed to purchasing it there are different variations to your property insurance options. Because you do not hold ownership of the property, the expenses for repairs and personal liability are different based on your rental agreement, so it’s in your best interest to speak with a certified insurance expert about what coverage would be best for your circumstances.

Figuring out what protections you need most will also allow us to get you discounts that any property owner or renter can enjoy. By bundling insurance policies or using home security you will be able to find deductions that could save you hundreds of dollars each month. Call us today and get started securing your assets.


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