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Mechanical Breakdown

Sometimes a vehicle collision can be prevented by safer driving habits on the road, unfortunately when your automobile breaks down, the damage is already done.

When you are involved in an accident you know that your auto liability coverage will be there to help you avoid huge costs, but when your vehicle experiences a problem from everyday usage, the mechanical expenses could start to add up. If you need to secure your vehicle past the standard protection that comes with auto insurance, looking into your options for mechanical breakdown insurance should be a main priority.

Our mechanical breakdown plans, which are sometimes called “extended warranty” programs, cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle after a part malfunction and replacement. Our coverage extends to protect you from repairs associated with mechanical issues, electrical problems, and computer failures and can be extended to cover all types of claims depending on your driving history.

Of course, when you go with the team at HCF to find the best possible breakdown coverage you will be provided with the services you need most as motorist, which include:

  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
  • Auto Rental Assistance
  • Tire Protection
  • Transferable Insurance Coverage
  • No Claim Limits (depending on coverage)
  • …and the ability to take your car to any certified repair facility in the U.S.

The warranty on your vehicle might not provide the adequate coverage to help you when you need it most, so call us now and discuss your options for premium mechanical breakdown insurance. Your car is more than an investment; many times it’s your livelihood – so demand the protection that you deserve from an HCF agent today.


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