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A motorcycle is more than a vehicle; it’s a way of life. Protect it with help from the professionals at HCF insurance.

California has seen a huge increase in the amount of motorcyclists on the road, for a good reason. Not only do the climate and conditions make it an exceptional place to ride, but the efficiency and fun of a motorcycle has been seen by many as a reason to spend more time on 2 wheels than 4. No matter what type of rider you are, we have the most competitive policies out there to keep you protected after any kind of incident. From the every-day rider to the special occasion motorcyclist, we can tailor a policy that meets the demands of any individual.

Every time you start up your chopper, sport bike or touring motorcycle you understand the excitement of getting on the open road, but the fact remains that each day is unpredictable, and having the proper motorcycle insurance could literally be a life saver. We know that each insurance plan should fit your lifestyle appropriately, and this is why we work closely with our providers to get you the most complete coverage at a price that you can work with. We are also happy to offer discounts that could greatly affect the cost of your deductible or premium.

For instance, the addition of second motorcycle to a previous plan could lower your existing policy greatly. Or, for our riders who have years of experience on the road, we can provide discounts that take into account their experience on a bike and reward them for continued safety. There are plenty of ways to augment your insurance plan, and by discussing your options with one of our certified insurance specialists, you can get back on the highway with the peace of mind you deserve.

Your options for motorcycle insurance could cover and are not limited to the following:

  • Damage to your motorcycle or another vehicle in the event of an accident.
  • Bodily harm that you might experience because of a crash or accident with an uninsured individual.
  • Losses that might occur while your bike is being stored or transported.
  • Upgrades, modifications and custom work.
  • Accessories and side cars.

Remember that even if you have an existing policy, you might not have the total coverage required for your lifestyle, so check out the protection offered by an updated motorcycle policy from HCF Insurance. Nothing makes riding your motorcycle better than knowing you have someone to help you in the case of an accident, so don’t wait until it’s too late, and call us for a quote today.


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