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Off- Road Vehicle

When you are serious about your off-road vehicles, whether they’re for fun or for work, get the insurance that secures them day in and day out.

Getting the best insurance for your vehicle doesn’t always mean your every day car or truck, especially when you like to spend time off the beaten path. Many times your off road vehicles are as big a part of your life as your daily transportation, and keeping them insured should be a top priority when you consider the time and money spent on each one. The insurance that you purchase for an off road machine is specific to the type of vehicle that you are driving, and much like a car, the amount of miles driven and the type of usage are factors that impact the overall type of policy.

Dirt Bikes are by far the most common off-road vehicles that are insured, based on the type of rider and usage of the vehicle. Many times, when racing professionally or recreationally in an event, dirt bike registration along with insurance is required by the race coordinators for liability reasons. Dirt Bikes can be safe vehicles, but as with any off road vehicle there is an increased risk of injury when conditions are extreme.

ATV’s or All Terrain Vehicles are always a good time, and have tons of purposes, from recreational uses, to professional racing, to work usage on a large property. Whatever you are using your quad for, it’s a financial investment that should be protected, and keeping it in top shape means getting the coverage that’s right for your vehicle. In many cases, home owners insurance might not cover accidents on this type of vehicle, and whether it is personal injury or damage to the vehicle itself, there is a need to have proper insurance security.

4WD Vehicles and Side-by-Side Vehicles can in many cases cost as much or more than a traditional car or truck. If you would never consider driving in an uninsured vehicle on the road, why would you ever drive an uninsured off road vehicle of the same value? You wouldn’t. There is nothing more unpredictable than the consequences of driving a high speed vehicle in the midst of other off road vehicles, and depending on how you use your 4WD car or side-by-side, complete coverage should be a necessary purchase of any driver. 

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