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Property Floater

When you have valuable assets that travel as much as you do, don’t forget to insure them with a personal property floater insurance.

Depending on the coverage provided by your homeowners insurance certain assets are protected while others remain vulnerable to loss, theft or damage. A typical homeowner’s policy is fairly broad and covers items like furniture, appliances and clothing while other items might not fall under that window of protection. A property floater is an item or group of items that can be insured in connection with an existing policy that offers specific protection for an item that could induce serious losses if misplaced or stolen.

The most common example where property floater insurance is used is in the case of a diamond ring or other personal jewelry item that might become misplaced while being worn in public. Many times a claim involves a lost stone (diamond or other) that came loose without the owner’s knowledge, and because the chances of recovering a diamond are nearly zero, having the correct property floater insurance could mean full reimbursement. Of course there are other items besides jewelry that can be insured as a property floater, such as:

  • Silverware
  • China/Crystal
  • Firearms
  • Personal computers
  • Rare items
    • Artwork
    • Historical artifacts
    • Coins
    • Stamps
    • …and others that might not be listed.

If you are concerned about securing an item listed above, or have a question regarding an item you would like to be insured as a personal property floater call us today, and get the security you want.


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