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When your net worth puts you in danger of a crippling lawsuit, finding the proper umbrella insurance could save your livelihood when your home or auto insurance isn’t enough.

Sometimes even when you think you have all of your bases covered when it comes to your insurance, a freak accident or a bad turn of events could leave you dealing with damages or reparations that you could not possibly pay for. Life is a hectic place, and being prepared for anything means protecting your assets at all costs.

When you purchase umbrella insurance with the help of our professional insurance experts you will be casting a wide net of coverage over any lawsuits or accidental damages that could cost you. The only way to deal with unexpected liability issues in the future is to address them before they occur, and the only way to do that is to work out an umbrella policy that keeps you free from financial disaster.

In most cases umbrella insurance is the last insurance plan that someone acquires after they have managed to maintain homeowners and auto insurance. Umbrella policies take care of the personal liability that exists in the event that someone is injured on your property, or that you are involved in a large accident involving multiple vehicles. This coverage extends beyond your previously existing insurance to make sure that you are not buried in the costs associated with the liable party.

Some common examples of where umbrella insurance might help dramatically are:

  • When an animal inures someone on your property.
  • After a storm knocks a large tree from your property onto your neighbor’s car.
  • When a delivery man strips on your steps and sues for reparations.
  • When you are responsible for an accident with many damaged vehicles.

While many people disregard the necessity for umbrella insurance, there is a growing demand for coverage beyond the general reach of most insurance policies. See how a small payment plan for an umbrella insurance policy could save you and your family down the line by calling the experts at HCF Insurance.


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