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Watercraft & Aviation

Getting the right insurance for your watercraft or airplane means understanding what coverage is right for you. Get the information you need from the professionals at HCF Insurance.

There is nothing quite like going out on a boat on a warm day in California, and when you are enjoying the weather out on the open water the last thing that you want to be thinking about is the possibility of an accident. Boats and other watercrafts, like stand up jet-skis or sit down Sea-Dos are big investments like any other vehicle, so protecting them means finding a marine insurance policy that will secure your property and your livelihood in the case of an accident or collision.

We know that everyone uses their boat or other watercraft in various degrees, and that of course some individuals will need much larger risks related policies than others. The professionals at HCF Insurance know what your nautical life entails, and when you discuss your options for coverage, you will see how you can get the most comprehensive protection for your watercraft without breaking the bank. There are a wide array of policy choices depending on your watercraft, and becoming fully insured on the water is one the smartest decisions you can make.

Just like an auto insurance policy, the vehicle you are operating is key to whatever insurance plan you decide to take up. Of course, physical damage insurance is the most common form of insurance that boat and watercraft owners take up in order to protect their vehicle from huge repair costs after an accident. Depending on your watercraft, you will work out a deductible with one of our representatives that will fit your specific requirements. On top of damage to your vehicle, in the case of a collision there is most likely going to be damage to someone else’s property as well, and in this case liability insurance would protect you from the major reparation costs associated with a boating accident. Your personal safety on the water is also crucial whenever you go out, and that means possibly adding medical coverage to your marine insurance for the unfortunate case of injury on the water.

In addition to watercrafts, we are also experienced in providing our aviator clients with affordable airplane insurance, depending on what they are flying. Our customers range from recreational glider pilots to those with enough experience to fly their families around the world in a private plane, and everyone in between. If you are flying without insurance, call our experts and get a quote on how to remain protected, even when you are off in the clouds.

Whether you are traveling by land, sea or air, you should always have the security of the best insurance money can offer, and working with the team at HCF will guarantee you get exactly what you want for when you need it most.


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